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I am a cinematographer having recently finished the Apple TV+ series 'Still Up' starring Antonia thomas and craig roberts.

since the age of 10, i've always had a camera in my hands, starting with black & White development in high school to skate videos with my childhood friends.
Originally from Denver, colorado, I joined the us navy in pursuit of travel, adventure and money for a college education. i was stationed in Gaeta, italy from 2000-2004 where i specialised in mechanical engineering, which has helped in my everyday life on film sets.

I hold a B.a. in film and video from the university of Arts - LCC.
as a DP, i have won awards for my work Including the milsome award and a bafta nomination.
I am accustomed to filming in hazardous and dangerous situations having filmed in Haiti, jordan, japan (fukushima area), fiji, america, eastern europe, and costa rica.

I love All of the john Cassavetes films so if we work together, don't get me started on 'a woman under the influence', I'll talk your ear off!

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