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RED Dragon Scarlet

Wooden Camera cage
Scarlet side handle

Scarlet SSD
2x 64 gig cards
1x SSD Card reader (firewire 800//esata//USB 2.0)
3x 190WH v-lock batteries
2x redvolt batteries (for hotswapping)
1x 2 sided v-lock battery charger
Wooden Camera 2 channel XLR Audio inputs (A-box)
19mm Arri Bridge blate
2x 19mm bars (30cm length)
Arri Matte Box (MB16) – 2 tray
Arri Follow focus (FF3)
SECCED Tripod with 2x pan handles
RED Scarlet mains power cable to 6pin limo
Filter box (PV size 4x5.65)– Formatt ND.3, .6, .9, and 1.2 – optical clear, Grad ND .3, HD Soft, Filter trays 1x PV, 2x 4by4's, 1x 4by6
16mm mattes for MB16
PL Mount
EF Mount





DEDO Octodome 6ft with silk baffles and egg crate
Chimera Spring ball 650w
2x Dedo lights with scrims and full set of insert gels (CTB, CTO, DIFF, FROST etc) 1x 1ft square soft box for dedo light
1x 1.8HMI
2x Blondes
2x Red heads



Magliner Junior

2x Cartalini clamps
1x magic arm
2x super clamps

Various Gels
Clapper board
18% grey card
1x full DP floor bag (various materials, glass, light meter, croc clips, lens wipes, bags etc) 1x assistant pouch (tools, light meter, markers, pens, etc) 

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